Our Clients

Who We Serve

Las Cruces is a small rural town.  Our clients are salt-of-the-earth savers who desire a work-optional life.  We aim to help all of our clients develop smart financial habits – many being parents who are preparing for retirement with children who are interested in creating strategies for building wealth, one step at a time.

Due to the rural nature of Las Cruces, we do not have account minimums.  Our clients are looking for a financial advisor who adopts a disciplined approach and who understands the value of personalized guidance. 

Building Our Relationship

When building a relationship with a client, we start with a “What’s your story?” meeting.  We want to know about your background and how you see yourself in your future.  We ask open-ended questions and listen to your story unfold.  Then, we share the precepts of our practice and how we believe we can help you on your financial journey.  After discussing our planning-investing-coaching approach, we let you tell us when we can take the next step.  The process is all about you.


Our Meetings

We maintain a call schedule of at least once every two months, along with semi-annual meetings and a formal annual review – at which we do a deep dive into your wealth management plan.

Individual evaluations are part of our bi-monthly contact, but as part of our advisory services, we review your portfolio periodically on a macro-level to be certain it is reacting to market conditions consistently with its construction.

If you have a life event (new job, child getting married, retirement, etc.), we adjust the schedule to make sure you are comfortable with the preparation for that event.  In short, we hope to meet with you in-person three times a year and speak via phone six times a year.